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Our Capability

Who is Water Bridge Shipping Services Ltd.?.

Water Bridge Shipping services Ltd- is a Bangladesh based, international transport, forwarding and Logistics Company with an international "Can-Do "mentality... and one of the best in the business!

How can WBSL help me?.

We will help you get your goods to your overseas customer... in the most effective way possible, at the right time and at the reasonable price!

With the exception of moving mountains, we can move practically anything and everything, by air, sea, road and rail, from anywhere to anywhere on this planet!

OK! But how and what exactly...??.

Specifically, we will help you to export and import your goods to / from Bangladesh, or between any place in the world by offering you the benefit of our...

  • Air freight services as a forwarder (with carrier responsibility).
  • Ocean freight services as a carrier.
  • Ancillary shipping services such as:
  • Customs clearance and local delivery.
  • Cargo pick-up from any port to inland points.
  • Strategically located receiving terminals.
  • All export and special documentation.
  • Packing and crating.
  • Warehousing and distribution.
  • Purchase Order Tracking System.
  • Network of reliable and efficient overseas agents.
  • Operational and Logistical support.
  • Ability to move oversize and bulk cargo.
  • Chartering and special project services.
  • Consultancy... we can help you to be more effective in your international trading activities.
Will you follow my instructions?.

Absolutely!... except, if in our professional judgment we see you are about to plunge over a cliff... then we will probably say something to you first. We can also guide you through the various terms of delivery (incoterms) that people overseas often use, as well as practically any other aspect of international trade, to help complete your transactions successfully.

Will you tell me what is happening to my shipments, without me having to chase you?.

It is our standard practice to keep our customers and overseas agents advised of the progress of their shipments on a regular and timely basis. You will also receive your shipping documents promptly; shortly after the goods have departed on board the vessel or aircraft.

...and my overseas customers and suppliers; how will you take care of them?.

We are especially aware that your customers' (or supplier’s) opinion of our service, at the other end of the transit, will often determine whether we handle the next shipment. The quality of service we render to you must be rendered equally to your overseas customers... in essence it must be a win-win situation.


Logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services and related information from point of origin to point of destination for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.
We expanded logistics services and committed our core competences in specific industry or geographical niches. >> read more...